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Human Rights vs. Disability

I heard an intriguing debate on talk radio driving home last night.  Every once in a while I tune into liberal talk radio shows to see what the hot topic is that day.  Usually i find them entertaining and sometimes outright unbelievable.  Most days they fall somewhere in the middle and not all that interesting.  This one, however, really got my attention.

The show was Thom Hartman on KOPJ am 620 here in Portland.  Mind you I only listen to this station once in a while and would not recommend it.  The hot topic of the night was this severely handicapped young girl named Ashley.  Ashley 9 years old lives in Seattle WA with her parents.  For a quick overview of her story click here.  The bottom line is that her parents and the doctors they use have chosen on her behalf to keep her small and underdeveloped.  To me, this is purely for selfish motives.  Stripping her of the ability to become a naturally developed woman.  For more details on her story check out this link.

I personally believe this is wrong and goes against the most basic human rights.  Surgically changing someone with out them having any ability to agree or disagree so that they will be easier to care for does not seem ethical to me.  It appears that if a human is inconvenient to deal with then we can do whatever we want to them to make our life easier.

What do you think about this?

And… Happy Birthday, Matt Singley!

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