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So yesterday was the first full day of vacation over here at Eagle Crest Resort in Central Oregon.  My brother, Kevin and his friend both have snowmobiles and he invited Dad and I to go ride with them.  So we headed up to Bachelor around 10:00am yesterday morning for some riding and were totally excited about the massive new snow.  

The problem was that the snow plows hadn’t been through the parking lot yet and it was a good 18 inches of wet snow.  The rig in front of us was stuck and they had there shovels out trying to clear a parking spot.  Just then a big old snow plow showed up to save the day.  We sat there and watched in awe of the driver of the six wheeled machine that could move thousands of pounds of snow without any problem.  I want one of those amazing machines.

So after getting off to a late start we were finally riding or at least trying to.  The snow was falling so hard, the wind was gusting intensely and all our goggles and face guards were fogging and icing up so we couldn’t see.  

Kevin was breaking trail the whole morning which is quite challenging with multiple feet of new snow in a couple days.  I would guess that we were sinking in close to 3 feet when breaking trail.  If you accidently got off the packed trail it was very easy to instantly get stuck.  At one point there were 3 sleds stuck and only 7 of us to get them unstuck.   

3-4 hours later we made it up to a place called Elk Lake Lodge where we could eat some lunch and have some cold or hot drinks.  This is in front of the lodge which was our destination on the ride.  

Kevin, Me, Dad

After our lunch break we hit the trail again and it was getting close to sundown so we headed back to the trailers.  Once we had a trail to follow and the snow wasn’t falling so hard we could actually ride and have a good time.  When you go off trail and climb hills it is literally like floating in the air, the only way to turn is to move all your wait to one side.  We got back to the trailers in about an hour even with a little detour down a wrong trail.  

If you have never been on a snowmobile, you got to do it some time in your life time.  Today I am sore and tired but I got a nap so life is good.  Tomorrow it is a massage with my honey in the afternoon.

Happy New Year!

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So I have been the Worlds worst blogger for the last month.  Oh well, life is busy what can I say. 

I played golf today out at Pumpkin Ridge with my friend Matthew Wilson and another friend visiting from Texas.  We had a great time, I always love catching up with people that I haven’t seen in years.  Since we are talking about golf, I want to show you Chance hitting his new clubs.

We went to Oregon Golf this week to see if they had any lefty kids clubs.  We found a set so we went to the practice area in the back of the store so he could try them out.  He hit the ball on most of his swings and seemed totally comfortable swinging the club.  So, we bought the set for him.

This evening we went out hit balls in the yard, I am so proud!!!!!Dsc_8237_2Dsc_8239_2Dsc_8240

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On The Mountain Again!

As I mentioned last post, I am totaling getting back into skiing again.  Back in the 80’s and early 90’s (wow, I feel old talking like that) I used to be a swell skier (keeping with the feeling old theme).  Then along came snowboarding about the time I graduated from High school.  Being the adventurous person I am, I decided to try the newer, hipper sport. 

Basically, I got hooked on the challenge of trying to be as good at snowboarding as I was at skiing.  The problem is, life and money got in my way.  Over the past ten years neither sport has had much of my attention for any consistent time.  In fact, the last time I skied prior to a year ago was around 1996.  My brother bought me a pair of the new style skis last winter so I decided I better get back into skiing.  During high school winter camp 2007 I went skiing once and this winter I have already gone up twice.  Having good equipment motivates me to actually get up there and have some fun. 

Today was awesome on the mountain because it was the kind of crazy weather that really excites me.  Kurt and I drove up to Meadows at the same time this morning to meet up with the High school campers.  Jenni is leading worship at the camp all weekend so it was a great way for me to go see her and have a great time.  The snow started falling right when we drove into the parking lot and it never slowed up all day.  I spent most of the day with Jenni and Kurt, Nick and Tres.  Jenni has gotten so much better on a snowboard this year.  She was tearing it up, face planting then getting right back on it.  The only time she complained was when her goggles got filled with snow and she couldn’t see for a while.  I am proud of her for out toughing a lot of the guys on the mountain today.  There were a couple times Jenni was picked up and blown against a tree because the wind was so strong.  Not quite but it almost happened.  The only thing I would change about today would be getting rid of the blistering wind.  My face nearly froze off several times.

I am ready and willing to go to the mountain any time you want to go.  Please invite me:-) 

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Jeff Young on ESPN

I wanted to post this link to the ESPN story on Jeff Young from Lake Oswego’s football team.  He writes the daily inspirational messages that I subscribe to and blogged about a couple months ago.  When you have about fifteen minutes to watch it, you should. 

You can sign up to hear his daily messages at www.friendsofjeff.com if you like what you see.  Be encouraged and conquer the World!

Thats all for today.  I promise to get back into blogging on a regular basis again very soon.

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Football Season

I love football.  Just ask Jenni and she will tell you that I can sit and watch three back to back games no problem on a Sunday afternoon.  She is bored to tears by it so I try not to overdo my game watching when she is home.  My favorite team since I was about twelve is the Denver Broncos.  Watching John Elway bring the Broncos to victory in the fourth quarter game after game was thrilling to me.   When he finally won back to back Superbowls he got the credit he had deserved for so many years.  The other team I always cheered for is the Seattle Seahawks.  This has been very disappointing for many years but now they are a respectable team (except for the late part of this season). 

This time of year is the best because all the teams are fighting for play off spots.  Right now Denver is trying to beat the S.F. 49ers to get the last spot in the AFC West.  They are very questionable at quarterback this year with a rookie (Jay Cutler) taking over for Jake Plumber late in the season.  They just tied the score at 23 with a minute left to play.  I am excited!  We are going to overtime and Denver gets the ball first.

So what are you doing for New Years Eve?  Love to here about it.

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