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So I started a part time gig today.  Working with a friend of mine who owns http://www.gogreenbrand.com and I will be looking for people who need recycling for all brands of toner and ink cartridges.  I also will be selling the major toner brands and re-manufactured cartridges for large or small businesses and individuals.

If you know any companies wanting to do more to be “Green” let me know.  You can get a free bag of m&ms with every order!

That’s all for now.

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I enjoyed watching this video to hear where our nation stands on this issue now.  I use to be very opinionated on the topic but now not so much. Check out MORE HERE (video included), it’s a little long but you should watch the interview with Choi.

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Time has really gotten the better of me and I have failed at keep my blog up to date.

Yesterday I received the modem for installing Clear the new wireless internet company.  It is pretty cool, it was up and running as fast as I could unwrap the cords and plug the modem into a power outlet.  It seems to be pretty fast, I haven’t run a speed test on it yet but will do that later.  We decided to get rid of Verizon Fios for TV, Internet and Telephone to save money.  Clear is $40 something a month and we can get a phone line from Skype for $3.00/month.  Television is just going to be non existent for the next 6 months to a year.

Tonight I begin to really work on prepping my talk for next Sunday’s church service.  Pastor Matt from Church@bethany asked me to fill in the week he is going to the Midwest for his high school reunion.  I have never preached to adults for a church service in my life so this is a little nerve wracking.  Maybe I should start preparing what I am going to speak on.  Definitely be praying for me on this one.

We got some pictures taken today by a friend, Sara Gray, who was in the high school program when Jenni and me were volunteer leaders at Sunset Presbyterian.  She is now graduated from college and building her photography career.  Here are a couple family shots she posted on Face Book.  She did a great job and was super quick which is crucial with toddlers.


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Life Update #1

Hello Friends and Internet Stalkers,

I am bound and determined to stay more digitally connected to the World this year.  If you have tips on how I can better do that, I am all ears.

Here are a few things going on in my life right now.

  • Paxton is growing like a weed and is so cute!Paxton Clayville - 2 mos
  • Chance is really impressing me with his conversational skills.  We just have a great time playing cards, sliding across the kitchen or watching a show together.
  • Jenni and I are exhausted every day from lack of sleep.  I am pretty sure we wouldn’t survive with out Ageless Xtra from Univera.
  • We have seen a 269% increase in our business month to date over last months sales and a 67% increase over the previous largest month.  God is certainly blessing our efforts!
  • God is working through Jenni’s ministry at Church and helping draw people into a renewed relationship with Him.
  • I am participating in the leadership development group with Church@Bethany!  It’s exciting to be a part of the foundation of a new church.

I look forward to the next few months, it will be exciting!  If you know anyone looking for a part time income or to replace their current income, I would love to talk to them.

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Cutest Video

You have to watch this….So Cute

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So yesterday was the first full day of vacation over here at Eagle Crest Resort in Central Oregon.  My brother, Kevin and his friend both have snowmobiles and he invited Dad and I to go ride with them.  So we headed up to Bachelor around 10:00am yesterday morning for some riding and were totally excited about the massive new snow.  

The problem was that the snow plows hadn’t been through the parking lot yet and it was a good 18 inches of wet snow.  The rig in front of us was stuck and they had there shovels out trying to clear a parking spot.  Just then a big old snow plow showed up to save the day.  We sat there and watched in awe of the driver of the six wheeled machine that could move thousands of pounds of snow without any problem.  I want one of those amazing machines.

So after getting off to a late start we were finally riding or at least trying to.  The snow was falling so hard, the wind was gusting intensely and all our goggles and face guards were fogging and icing up so we couldn’t see.  

Kevin was breaking trail the whole morning which is quite challenging with multiple feet of new snow in a couple days.  I would guess that we were sinking in close to 3 feet when breaking trail.  If you accidently got off the packed trail it was very easy to instantly get stuck.  At one point there were 3 sleds stuck and only 7 of us to get them unstuck.   

3-4 hours later we made it up to a place called Elk Lake Lodge where we could eat some lunch and have some cold or hot drinks.  This is in front of the lodge which was our destination on the ride.  

Kevin, Me, Dad

After our lunch break we hit the trail again and it was getting close to sundown so we headed back to the trailers.  Once we had a trail to follow and the snow wasn’t falling so hard we could actually ride and have a good time.  When you go off trail and climb hills it is literally like floating in the air, the only way to turn is to move all your wait to one side.  We got back to the trailers in about an hour even with a little detour down a wrong trail.  

If you have never been on a snowmobile, you got to do it some time in your life time.  Today I am sore and tired but I got a nap so life is good.  Tomorrow it is a massage with my honey in the afternoon.

Happy New Year!

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November Wrap

So I have been out of sight for a few weeks.  Wow time go fast when you are having so much fun.  I truly can’t believe that we are already past Thanksgiving and quickly approaching Christmas.  Seriously, didn’t we just have Christmas?

How amazing it is to have a newborn that actually sleeps most of the night.  I am relieved to be getting descent sleep but a little freaked out that I will wake up from this dream soon and realize that our restful nights are over.  For now, I will continue to appreciate this gift from God. 

 Having my Mom here to help Jenni at home has been fantastic.  I can actually work full days and know that things are stable at home.  If she wasn’t here I would be really concerned that Jenni was being too active (not able to heal properly from the C-Section) trying to keep Chance entertained and under control.  

Work has been great the past few weeks. The work I am referring to is with our new business that launched last month called Veraspace.  We are so fortunate to have partnered up with a couple of really great people who have a huge vision.  Our Portland office has been open for about three weeks and we have been able to make great progress in that time.  We are still in the process of raising capital to fund the nationwide expansion over the next year.  Know anyone who has a lot of money and wants to invest in a very innovative business?

The next big project for us is getting moved into the temporary rental house in the middle of December.  It is such a great house and the people renting to us are fantastic.  We went over today to walk through and talk about what furniture they are leaving there for us to use.  I wish we could just buy this house and live there forever.  It will all work out anyway, I know we will find a really great house to settle into for the next few years.

Time to settle down for the night and sleep while the little one sleeps.  I will try to post more frequently but it may not work out that way.  I get distracted way too easily.

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