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I had to share this because it relates directly to my last post about community.  Here is an excerpt from the blog I was reading and if you want to see the whole thing you check it out here.

“Most interesting is how the Twitter system acts to fill a deep psychological need in our society. The unfortunate reality is that we are a culture starved for real community. For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have resided in tribes of about 30-70 people. Our brains are wired to operate within the social context of community – programming both crucial and ancient for human survival.”  By Moses Ma, Psychology Today Blogs

Have you signed up to use Twitter and if not do you intend to?

I have to be honest, when I first heard about it I had no interest and thought it to be a complete waste of time.  My wife, Jenni started using Twitter and was totally excited about it.  She really wanted me to be on so I could enjoy some of the same conversations she was having with witty people all over the country and now the World.  Eventually she signed me up for an account but it was months later before I began to engage.  Now I am addicted and truly strive to use it to connect with people, increase business and provide valuable information to my followers.

Would all the tweeters reading this post please tell me briefly how you use Twitter  and what benefit you have seen in your life.

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I feel like I am getting addicted to blogging and blog surfing.  Not that that is a bad thing per say.  I found myself reading blogs and posting comments at 7:00am yesterday.  My normal morning starts out between 6:00 to 6:30am and I usually make some coffee and sit down to read the bible, pray, journal and just reflect on things.  This is usually interrupted by faint cry from Chance’s room down the hall around 7:15am.  Yesterday he slept a little longer so I started reading blogs and posting comments and I did this until almost 8:00. 

This is when it dawned on me, I am really getting into this whole world.  As long as I use it for productive things and for leading people to Christ I imagine it is time well spent.  There certainly are some interesting people telling their stories on the internet and I don’t think I would ever communicate with any of them if it weren’t for this blogging culture that is developing.

My question for you bloggers is this: 

A.) How much time is acceptable to spend on the internet reading and blogging if you have a full time job or more and a family? 

B.) What about for the single person with just a job?

C.) Stay at home moms with one or more kids but no job outside the home?

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