Being the Bank

I promised in our last clayville clan update to write a post about my new business passion. This is something I have eluded to a couple of times over the past few months but have not written about in  any detail yet.

I don’t have the mental capacity to get way into this tonight since the brain is focused on goodbyes, packing and planning the move. I will however give a brief explanation and then provide a couple links to much more detailed information that has already been written.

Back in August I took a look at a website my parents told me about.  They had spoken to Tom and done some research on the program he teaches (Infinite Banking Concept).  Since I spent about 3 years in the financial services business after my mortgage career I was very intrigued by solid financial strategies. It took very little time for my interest to be piqued. I did some reading on his site and then called him to ask a few questions and decided to go to a breakfast he hosted in Salem.  After attending the breakfast I told Jenni that this was something we would be pursuing and it may be my primary business at some point.

The very next week my job with Carhelp came to an abrupt end. Starting a new business was not something I had any intention of doing right then so I continued to do research and read up on this concept. The first book I read (which Tom requires all clients to read before proceeding) is called “Becoming Your Own Banker” by R. Nelson Nash. I quickly read it then scheduled an appointment to meet with Tom and develop a strategy for Jenni and I. The beauty of the way Tom does business is that he will not work with someone unless they do their homework. He won’t hire an agent unless they are practicing the “infinite banking concept” themselves.  When it comes to actually getting a client started he never pushes but waits for the client to say, lets move forward.

This way of doing business blew me away because everything I had experienced in the financial business required strong sales tactics and closing skills.  Even if you were a good honest person you had to close people to get them to move forward.  I love teaching and helping people but I hate being a pushy sales person. As I have begun to work with a few clients and teach this program I have found that about 7 out of 10 people want to move forward and they start telling other people about me right away. This never happened to me with my previous experiences.

The concept in a nutshell is this: spend less than you make and save what you can in a financial instrument that has been around for hundreds of years. The products and companies we work with have been paying guaranteed interest and varying dividends for over a 100 years.  As you save this money and it begins to grow, you can have access to it for anything you need to spend money on. Your money grows tax protected, you access it tax-free and you pay yourself back with interest so that your bank begins to grow exponentially. As you begin to look into this you will see how much banks have taken advantage of you over the years. I know that we all look at low-interest home loans and think that they are great. In reality when you break down your mortgage payment you will see that almost every dollar you pay in is pure interest for several years.  Low rate or not, you are paying the bank a LOT of $$$$ in interest! What you will discover is that the volume of interest you pay is much more crucial than the interest rate.

If this concept interest you at all I would ask that you contact me and I will get a book in your hands and then set up a webinar with you to help you better understand exactly how this works and how much it can benefit you and your family. This works even if you don’t have any extra money in your budget or don’t have any need to finance your purchases. You can email me at brianclayville at gmail dot com for more information or to request a book.



This is a topic I have been struggling with for a long time.  I have grown up with a “pauper” mentality.  This is something I did not understand until the past month or so.  There were glimpses of revelation into this for me over the past five years or so but real understanding and clarity didn’t enter my mind until very recently.

My 4th quarter 2010 reading list includes: “When Heaven Invades Earth” Bill Johnson, “The Supernatural Power of the Transformed Mind” Bill Johnson, “The Tangible Kingdom” Hugh Halter & Matt Smay, “The Supernatural Ways of Royalty” Kris Vallotton & Bill Johnson

I have to tell you, my mind is being renewed daily. I am realizing how much I have focused on what people think of me and how insignificantly I view myself.

When I committed my life to Christ, I received a new identity “Prince”.  This revelation alone is allowing me to take captive my thoughts. Especially the ones that say I am merely a sinner or cause me to question who I am. How dare I think that I could have an impact for God with my measly little life?  These thoughts must be obliterated!

As I write this, I don’t have a clue how my bills will get paid because I have no income.  I am behind on rent to my current landlord.  I am getting ready to move in a couple weeks to a new city 1800 miles away to follow God’s call to ministry.  If I spend even a minute thinking about what I can provide or accomplish on my own, I immediately feel defeated and depressed. Fear is ever present if I allow it to enter my mind.

My only hope in these last couple weeks has been to pray for God to fill me up with courage and strength.  To spend hours daily engaged in study of God’s Word and these books written by men who have an incredible understanding of “identity in Christ”.

I guess the whole point I want to make today is this; don’t listen to what any voice says about you if it is counter to what Jesus has made abundantly clear about you.

  • You are a Child of the King.
  • This makes you a brother or sister of the risen Christ.
  • You are worthy of every good thing in our Father’s Kindgom and it is available to you today.
  • Stop waiting for Heaven and start living as a Prince today

I would love to hear feedback from you. Do you know your identity?


Thank you Lord for life

Thank you Lord for freedom in you

Thank you Lord for freedom in this Country

Thank you Lord for family (especially mine)

Thank you Lord for a day to rest, refresh, eat and be joyful with the ones we love.

May your day be filled with blessings from the Lord today.  Take time to thank Him and those around you for what they mean to you.

Be Blessed

Paxton Turns 2

How do I even begin to describe how I feel about you Paxton?

Your personality is so fun and goofy.  It’s a bizarre combination of your Mom and Me and our  goofiest traits.  You are the constant clown and almost always happy!  Your smiles are completely contagious and your laughter can cheer up the grumpiest person.  Some say you look like me, I hope I am half as cute as you.You were born to us in a challenging period of our life and have had to endure a lot of pain over your first two years.  You have amazingly brightened our World in a time that truly was very dark in many ways.  You make good days better and really hard days tolerable.  Thank you for bringing sunshine to our lives every day Paxton.

Dear Paxton,

I want you to know beyond a shadow of any doubt; that you are loved, that your daddy is proud of you and above all else you have a heavenly Father that adores you and will never leave you or forget you.

No matter what challenge you are faced with you can count on God to be there to guide you and love you.  God has huge plans for you life, I pray you will choose to follow those plans.  You can count on me to encourage you in those wildest pursuits and to equip you the best I possibly can.   Every time I look at you my heart swells with pride and joy.  I will always strive to make clear how I feel about you.  God bless your life today, tomorrow and forever!


Love You,


Continued sort of…

Today I am cheating and using what Jenni has already shared about our trip

I will give my thoughts in more detail another day.

Continued from Yesterday

Saturday the 25th of September was Jenni’s 32nd birthday, I had no way of buying her the type of gift I would like to.  Her friend Mikey really wanted to take her out for a spa day so I had blocked out the whole afternoon on our shared google calendar.  It just said “special date” in the notes it mentioned baby sitting was arranged.  She was asking me all week what this meant and I just vaguely blew her off.  She kinda hates surprises but Mikey really wanted it to be a surprise so I played along.

When by 11:00 or so on Saturday she was getting really inquisitive about what to wear and all that so I gave her as much as I could without spilling the beans so she would relax about it.  Finally Mikey show up and says surprise you are hanging out with me.   It was kind of cool to see that Jenni was very happy to hang with a really close friend for the day but a little disappointed she wasn’t on a date with me.  In our past she would have been totally happy to have the day with a friend but we are much closer now and that is a good thing!

The next week leading up to our El Paso trip I don’t remember a lot of new revelations or experiences.  I continued to read the book by Bill Johnson and kind of soak in my new understanding of the “Holy Spirit” and the peace I was experiencing.  Their was the mounting concern about contacting our Land Lord about being jobless and unable to pay our rent in full or on time.  Fortunately he has always been more than fair with us.  I knew he would be willing to work with us but you never know how someone will respond to “I lost my job and can’t pay rent”.

Wednesday evening my Mom and Grandma show up to stay at our house and watch our children during our trip to El Paso.  My Mom immediately asked the question, “are you sure you want to go off to El Paso and take my Grandchildren so far away”?

We reminded her that we had no idea, that is why we had to go check it out and see where God was leading.  We knew she would not try to stop us from following God’s call but she did want to be near her kids and Grand kids.  it’s good to be loved and have family close by.  Many times family can be used as an excuse to not follow God’s leading so we must listen and check our motives.

Our trip started at 5:ooa.m. on Thursday…


Continued from yesterday

Monday morning mid September.  Awake and motivated to do something… But what?

This is a question that constantly bombards me because I am a driven person.  I don’t like to sit around collecting unemployment wondering how my bills will get paid.  I feel very distracted even playing with my kids or spending time with Jenni because I feel like I should be doing something to provide.  But this still small voice says, “wait on me and keep the divine appointments I have set up for you”.  Your needs will be met because I have promised you this.  (Insert Faith Here)

I decided my goal for the day was to begin an infinite banking whole life insurance policy with Tom who had helped my parents get started.  I would fund it initially with a small IRA I had from when I used to make some decent money.  Number 2 was to attend an FCCI meeting in Lake Oswego where I had met some really great people a few weeks earlier.  My friend Chris from work that set up the prayer meeting had introduced me to the group and I wanted to start attending regularly.

This group is awesome, the leader owns a company called Light Speed Aviation.  They make communication equipment for pilots.  Anyway, he hosts the meetings in his building’s conference room and let’s them use the room as much as they want.  When I showed up the table was pretty crowded so I sat by my friend down at the end.  When the meeting concluded, the guy next to me introduced himself.  He asks what I do and I tell him I am looking for work and that I had worked with Chris in sales.  He was quick to tell me that he was looking for some good sales people and wanted to know if I was interested in interviewing.  Of course I was interested, he runs an online marketing company and that is something I enjoy.

Long story short, I go and meet with him at his office later that day.  He gives me the low down on what they do as a company and what the job would entail.  The downside was commission only, basic telemarketing and it takes about six months to get up to a descent income.  The income does become residual but the start-up part would be very challenging financially.  It was clear they are great people and a solid, ethical business so I decided to just go do a half day trial on Thursday.

Phone sales is not my favorite thing to do by any stretch.  I did discover that I am pretty good at it but I don’t feel it aligns with my passion enough for me top excel at it.  It really would just become a “job” way too quickly.  The more I prayed and considered this option the more I felt compelled to be patient and not commit myself too quickly.

In the mean time our trip to El Paso, TX was quickly approaching.  I tried to spend a lot of time in prayer and seeking what God had for me leading up to the trip.  I purposely did no research on the church or the city we were visiting because I wanted to experience everything with a completely unbiased and open mind.

On Wednesday, I did go and interview with our local Audi dealer.  Audi makes some of my favorite cars and I was kind of excited at the thought of selling them.  After a long discussion with the sales manager and learning what exactly the commitment would look like I quickly realized I couldn’t do it.  My wife, kids and ministry are way too important to me to spend that much time at my place of work.

Waiting on the Lord can be very difficult for someone who just wants to get to work…