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Paxton Turns 2

How do I even begin to describe how I feel about you Paxton?

Your personality is so fun and goofy.  It’s a bizarre combination of your Mom and Me and our  goofiest traits.  You are the constant clown and almost always happy!  Your smiles are completely contagious and your laughter can cheer up the grumpiest person.  Some say you look like me, I hope I am half as cute as you.You were born to us in a challenging period of our life and have had to endure a lot of pain over your first two years.  You have amazingly brightened our World in a time that truly was very dark in many ways.  You make good days better and really hard days tolerable.  Thank you for bringing sunshine to our lives every day Paxton.

Dear Paxton,

I want you to know beyond a shadow of any doubt; that you are loved, that your daddy is proud of you and above all else you have a heavenly Father that adores you and will never leave you or forget you.

No matter what challenge you are faced with you can count on God to be there to guide you and love you.  God has huge plans for you life, I pray you will choose to follow those plans.  You can count on me to encourage you in those wildest pursuits and to equip you the best I possibly can.   Every time I look at you my heart swells with pride and joy.  I will always strive to make clear how I feel about you.  God bless your life today, tomorrow and forever!


Love You,


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Continued from Yesterday

Saturday the 25th of September was Jenni’s 32nd birthday, I had no way of buying her the type of gift I would like to.  Her friend Mikey really wanted to take her out for a spa day so I had blocked out the whole afternoon on our shared google calendar.  It just said “special date” in the notes it mentioned baby sitting was arranged.  She was asking me all week what this meant and I just vaguely blew her off.  She kinda hates surprises but Mikey really wanted it to be a surprise so I played along.

When by 11:00 or so on Saturday she was getting really inquisitive about what to wear and all that so I gave her as much as I could without spilling the beans so she would relax about it.  Finally Mikey show up and says surprise you are hanging out with me.   It was kind of cool to see that Jenni was very happy to hang with a really close friend for the day but a little disappointed she wasn’t on a date with me.  In our past she would have been totally happy to have the day with a friend but we are much closer now and that is a good thing!

The next week leading up to our El Paso trip I don’t remember a lot of new revelations or experiences.  I continued to read the book by Bill Johnson and kind of soak in my new understanding of the “Holy Spirit” and the peace I was experiencing.  Their was the mounting concern about contacting our Land Lord about being jobless and unable to pay our rent in full or on time.  Fortunately he has always been more than fair with us.  I knew he would be willing to work with us but you never know how someone will respond to “I lost my job and can’t pay rent”.

Wednesday evening my Mom and Grandma show up to stay at our house and watch our children during our trip to El Paso.  My Mom immediately asked the question, “are you sure you want to go off to El Paso and take my Grandchildren so far away”?

We reminded her that we had no idea, that is why we had to go check it out and see where God was leading.  We knew she would not try to stop us from following God’s call but she did want to be near her kids and Grand kids.  it’s good to be loved and have family close by.  Many times family can be used as an excuse to not follow God’s leading so we must listen and check our motives.

Our trip started at 5:ooa.m. on Thursday…


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Birthday Presents

Birthday’s are awesome…It’s fun to have everyone acknowledge you one day out of the year.  Even if your birthday represents an age that feels old or you thought you would never reach.

Last Thursday (Nov. 19th in case you want to plan for next year) was my birthday and I got a ton of “happy birthday” wishes on facebook and twitter.  But i have to say, the best two presents I got were:

Love Endures (Snoring) by dg4G


Waking everybody with a sound
That’s been likened to sawing
Some call it snoring
All the best husbands do it
So our wives have something to tweet about

As if the bobbleheaded conversation
sprinkled with some speculation
covering the sanitation habits of the generation
that we’re raising all across the nation
…wasn’t enough

(some choral wailing)

Kids are upside down in nearly
Every single family picture
It’s probably better that way
Definitely better than attempts
to fish for sharks from the car

I wonder whose genes he got?
Should this be rhymed with bergamot?
Maybe, but probably not
Though citrus-scented gas
Might be a winner

(some more choral wailing)

Love never gives up, never looks back
Never gives up, never looks back, never gives up…

(Love endures)…

Waking everybody with a sound
That’s been likened to sawing
Often called snoring
And if I’m not sleeping through life, you’re not going to either.

All the other gestures were awesome and truly appreciated!  I am blessed with more quality friendships now than at any other time in my life.

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Birthday Tribute

It’s really hard to compete with Jenni’s own birthday tribute so I won’t even try.  Instead, I will just make a couple statements showing my admiration.


  • You are one the most courageous people I have ever known
  • You seek to love, respect and honor me (this makes me happy)
  • God is using you in huge ways because you choose an authentic life
  • You are a fabulous mother to our boys
  • Your cooking skills have blossomed and I love the meals you make
  • You are beautiful on the outside and the inside
  • I am so excited about spending the next 31 years with you

Hope you enjoy your free birthday present because that is all I can afford this year.  I love you very much!

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