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So I started a part time gig today.  Working with a friend of mine who owns http://www.gogreenbrand.com and I will be looking for people who need recycling for all brands of toner and ink cartridges.  I also will be selling the major toner brands and re-manufactured cartridges for large or small businesses and individuals.

If you know any companies wanting to do more to be “Green” let me know.  You can get a free bag of m&ms with every order!

That’s all for now.

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You might ask yourself, what kind of conundrum might you he be referring to?  That would be an appropriate question.

My conundrum is this, how should I begin marketing on the internet?  I have dabbled with:

My current goal is to learn to use these tools to grow a business effectively with out coming off like a freaking spammer.  Let me just say, I cannot stand spammers! Ultimately, my goal is to have people come to me that want what I offer.  My personal experience and all the reading I have done has lead me to believe our current era of consumers really wants to buy from someone who provides honest, open information with out a lot of hype and definitely no pressure.  With that in mind, I am leaning toward a sales approach of offering valuable education specific to my business and show people how to purchase what they want when they are ready.

Looking at many websites, doing all kinds of Google searches and just talking to people who know this stuff has given me a big headache.  So, I am going to continue to read, ask a lot of dumb questions and hope that some super smart people will kindly offer to help.

I would love to hear from you about what you are doing on-line for your business or organization.  Please include what has worked as well as the  mess ups you have made.  Humor me, maybe I will write a book with you and we can make a boat load of money together.

Never too late to learn something new, at least until you are dead.

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Last night was fun, we had a few people over for appetizers and to try out “Ageless Xtra” our energy beverage of choice.  This house is so awesome for entertaining guests!  I truly hope we never have to move again.

There were three guests here and all three are buying some of our products and considering joining our business on some level.  That is a successful night in my opinion.  Today we take a few people up to the corporate headquarters in Lacey Washington.  The best part about going on the lab tours is hearing from Steven Cherniske the chief science officer of Univera.  He is a 3 time best selling author and an incredible communicator.  You can check him out here talking about our main product to see what I mean.

The down side to going up to Lacey is the 2.5 hour drive each way so it makes for a fairly long day again.  Jenni works way too hard juggling our two children and maintaining the household when I have multiple long days in a row.

I really appreciate how hard she works to be such a great Mom even when she is not getting nearly enough sleep.

What kind of field trips have you gone on for your work or business?

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