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About three or four weeks ago, I made a decision to be completely obedient to God.

You may think, If you are a Christian, shouldn’t you have done that a long time ago?

The answer would be, YES!

And I have done this several times in my life before.

Life happened and I slipped back into old habits, justifying behavior as I went along.

Part of this obedience process has been really painful, but the joy I am feeling is SO much greater.  This morning at 10:30am Jenni and I will be sharing something that is very painful and real at our Church.  We are so fortunate, that our story doesn’t end with the pain, we have found hope in forgiveness and in Jesus Christ.

If you read this in time and live in Portland, come here our story.  If you can’t make it, go ahead and listen to the podcast that should be available by Monday.

God is so Good and I am excited to see where this adventure takes us over the coming days, months and years!  Please, Keep us in your prayers so God can be glorified in our humility.

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911 Remembrance

Don’t forget about the people who died on this date 8 years ago. Some died just doing their normal work or errands others died willingly trying to save lives. Remember that our way of life was attacked that day, that attack was meant for all of us.

Only God can help us make sense of a senseless tragedy. As you remember the horror of the day, remember that God is here and ready to comfort, heal and restore all of us who are lost with out Him.

Remember to pray for people who are still being subjected to these types of attacks on a regular basis. For those who don’t enjoy the freedom we have. Pray that we can continue to have the freedom we experience now in our great country.

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I am highly motivated and focused right now.  Life is good all though very tiring.  One child insists on getting up at 6:00am every morning now.  The other one doesn’t like to go back to sleep after eating around 2:30am and I snore so Jenni can’t get any sleep except from 6:30 to 8:00am.  But our kids are great and business is taking off like never before so I can’t complain.

If you want to see more about what I am doing these days you can check out the link below.  I love hearing about all the stories from people who are getting healthier and feeling better from the products Jenni and I represent.   Univera is the company that makes them and Fox News in Phoenix did a great story on a gal who had a completely life changing experience.  The greatest part about our business is we don’t sell anything to anyone.  If someone is interested in getting healthier we just give them a gift to try out for a couple days.  If they feel better then we will answer questions and recommend a few products to try over several months.  Most people who try them end up using them on long term basis because of how much better they feel.

Jenni and I are teamed up with some great people and have an office to train people to build their own business.  The office is down in the Pearl District and has been so much fun to be part of.  We are seeing so many people every week that are just looking for a way to earn extra income or full time income because the job market is terrible in Portland.  If you know anyone looking to supplement or replace an income, please let us know.

Time to get some breakfast for Chance, he has been so patient while did quiet time and some work in my office.  Hope you have an awesome day, check back soon.

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