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Mother’s Day

Just want to pause for a minute to share how much I appreciate Jenni on Mother’s Day and everyday.

  •  you love us intentionally
  •  you are content to spend the day with us without any big hoopla
  •  you work hard to be healthy on every level for our boys.
  •  you are always beautiful
  • you keep us from living in a dirt house with soiled clothing
  •  you take time to play and document priceless moments

I love you!

P.S. Chance say: “Happy Mothers Day Mommy. Could you get me some pretzels?”

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Birthday Tribute

My amazing wife turned the big 30 yesterday.  I let her sleep in a bit by getting Chance up and ready for school. Then I dropped him off at Pre-School and came home to look for a solution to our broken dryers, yes we had two of them.

My friend Brian has a lot of great connections in the area so he came over and helped me load up the dryers in his Ram Pickup and we headed out to Hillsboro. We stopped off at one of his friends businesses that does only appliance repair and sales.  A-best Appliance in Hillsboro on Main St. and I highly recommend them.  Roger takes a quick look at our Whirlpool and says “that is a great dryer” and the other one to be unnamed, “that is a piece of crap”.  Long story short, he had my dryer totally fixed and running perfectly in about 10 minutes flat.  Best of all No-Charge!  He even took in the junk dryer to scrap out for me.  Now we have a perfectly good dryer and the laundry can continue to be taken care.

Yesterday in the afternoon I did some work while Jenni gave guitar lessons.  At 4:30 we dropped Chance off at Wendy’s (his former nanny) and we went out for a nice dinner with a few friends at Portland City Grill.  We had a really nice time and it was the first nice dinner we have had together in a very long time.

I have had some time to reflect on what an incredible woman I married.  Jenni has pushed me to be the best I can be, she has supported me when I was down and felt like giving up on many occasions.  She totally trusts me to lead our family and encourages me to make hard decisions for us in all matters.  I know she loves me because she works hard to take care of our house and to feed me like a king.  The talent I appreciate most about her is her incredible amount of love and patience as a Mother to Chance.  I love you babe and I look forward to your 40th!

Got to go!

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