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Continued from yesterday

Monday morning mid September.  Awake and motivated to do something… But what?

This is a question that constantly bombards me because I am a driven person.  I don’t like to sit around collecting unemployment wondering how my bills will get paid.  I feel very distracted even playing with my kids or spending time with Jenni because I feel like I should be doing something to provide.  But this still small voice says, “wait on me and keep the divine appointments I have set up for you”.  Your needs will be met because I have promised you this.  (Insert Faith Here)

I decided my goal for the day was to begin an infinite banking whole life insurance policy with Tom who had helped my parents get started.  I would fund it initially with a small IRA I had from when I used to make some decent money.  Number 2 was to attend an FCCI meeting in Lake Oswego where I had met some really great people a few weeks earlier.  My friend Chris from work that set up the prayer meeting had introduced me to the group and I wanted to start attending regularly.

This group is awesome, the leader owns a company called Light Speed Aviation.  They make communication equipment for pilots.  Anyway, he hosts the meetings in his building’s conference room and let’s them use the room as much as they want.  When I showed up the table was pretty crowded so I sat by my friend down at the end.  When the meeting concluded, the guy next to me introduced himself.  He asks what I do and I tell him I am looking for work and that I had worked with Chris in sales.  He was quick to tell me that he was looking for some good sales people and wanted to know if I was interested in interviewing.  Of course I was interested, he runs an online marketing company and that is something I enjoy.

Long story short, I go and meet with him at his office later that day.  He gives me the low down on what they do as a company and what the job would entail.  The downside was commission only, basic telemarketing and it takes about six months to get up to a descent income.  The income does become residual but the start-up part would be very challenging financially.  It was clear they are great people and a solid, ethical business so I decided to just go do a half day trial on Thursday.

Phone sales is not my favorite thing to do by any stretch.  I did discover that I am pretty good at it but I don’t feel it aligns with my passion enough for me top excel at it.  It really would just become a “job” way too quickly.  The more I prayed and considered this option the more I felt compelled to be patient and not commit myself too quickly.

In the mean time our trip to El Paso, TX was quickly approaching.  I tried to spend a lot of time in prayer and seeking what God had for me leading up to the trip.  I purposely did no research on the church or the city we were visiting because I wanted to experience everything with a completely unbiased and open mind.

On Wednesday, I did go and interview with our local Audi dealer.  Audi makes some of my favorite cars and I was kind of excited at the thought of selling them.  After a long discussion with the sales manager and learning what exactly the commitment would look like I quickly realized I couldn’t do it.  My wife, kids and ministry are way too important to me to spend that much time at my place of work.

Waiting on the Lord can be very difficult for someone who just wants to get to work…

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