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I had to share this because it relates directly to my last post about community.  Here is an excerpt from the blog I was reading and if you want to see the whole thing you check it out here.

“Most interesting is how the Twitter system acts to fill a deep psychological need in our society. The unfortunate reality is that we are a culture starved for real community. For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings have resided in tribes of about 30-70 people. Our brains are wired to operate within the social context of community – programming both crucial and ancient for human survival.”  By Moses Ma, Psychology Today Blogs

Have you signed up to use Twitter and if not do you intend to?

I have to be honest, when I first heard about it I had no interest and thought it to be a complete waste of time.  My wife, Jenni started using Twitter and was totally excited about it.  She really wanted me to be on so I could enjoy some of the same conversations she was having with witty people all over the country and now the World.  Eventually she signed me up for an account but it was months later before I began to engage.  Now I am addicted and truly strive to use it to connect with people, increase business and provide valuable information to my followers.

Would all the tweeters reading this post please tell me briefly how you use Twitter  and what benefit you have seen in your life.

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I just wanted to make a couple comments about Matt Payne’s message in church today.  You can find it on podcast by tomorrow on the website of Church!@bethany if you want to  hear it.

He started the message this morning with a story that blew me a way.  A few years ago a man was found dead in his home.  That is not all that unusual, except the man was found holding a newspaper from four years prior.  He died in his home and no one missed him or realized he was dead for over four years.  How does that happen?

The main point of the day was about disciples of Christ doing life together.  What stood out to me the most was the reality of how busy we all get and how little time we spend really building relationships with people.  Think about your typical week for a moment.

  • Do you just stop by and see a friend?
  • Do you go visit someone in the hospital?
  • Do you invite anyone over for dinner?
  • Does your family have any meals together?
  • Do you have close friends that you see every week that you can share your heart with?

I can honestly say yes to a couple of these but for the most part I get pretty wrapped up in myself and my endeavors and don’t really take time to be in community.

Besides being on Facebook or Twitter, what can you do to really connect with someone this week?  How about just starting by going to your neighbors house to say hi?

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You might ask yourself, what kind of conundrum might you he be referring to?  That would be an appropriate question.

My conundrum is this, how should I begin marketing on the internet?  I have dabbled with:

My current goal is to learn to use these tools to grow a business effectively with out coming off like a freaking spammer.  Let me just say, I cannot stand spammers! Ultimately, my goal is to have people come to me that want what I offer.  My personal experience and all the reading I have done has lead me to believe our current era of consumers really wants to buy from someone who provides honest, open information with out a lot of hype and definitely no pressure.  With that in mind, I am leaning toward a sales approach of offering valuable education specific to my business and show people how to purchase what they want when they are ready.

Looking at many websites, doing all kinds of Google searches and just talking to people who know this stuff has given me a big headache.  So, I am going to continue to read, ask a lot of dumb questions and hope that some super smart people will kindly offer to help.

I would love to hear from you about what you are doing on-line for your business or organization.  Please include what has worked as well as the  mess ups you have made.  Humor me, maybe I will write a book with you and we can make a boat load of money together.

Never too late to learn something new, at least until you are dead.

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