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I have been reading the Wall Street Journal, listening to multiple talk shows and watching various financial news shows. The number one topic by all is the proposed 700 Billion Dollar Bailout of Wall Street Firms.  Here are some questions these topics raise in my mind.

  • How does congress determine who should get bailed out and who should fail?
  • Where does this money suddenly come from?
  • Are we going to be like China where some companies are privately operated but can only operate under tight government control (mainly meaning if you bribe the right officials you can stay in business)?
  • Can any of these CEO’s and supposed oversight committee members be trusted to tell shareholders the truth about anything?
  • Do I really want to encourage people to invest their savings in the stock market in the hopes that the market will someday return to normal?
  • Do you think we are entering the next great depression in our great country?

I wish I could say that there are concrete answers to any of these questions but I am not sure there are.  In my opinion, the connection between so called lawmakers and the overpaid CEO’s runs way too deep.  If we can uncover the money trails I am sure it will become painfully obvious why we are in this mess.

P.S. Can you count to 700 billion?

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